1. Aokiji: why didn't you just run away like you always do?
    I'm sure you could've run away, even from the cp9, if it were only you.
    Robin: ...i told you that's different from before, didn't i?
    I couldn't leave them to die...
    Aokiji: The giant who fought for ohara 20 years ago: jaguar D. saul,
    we were very good friends. I'ts my duty, to observe what you do with your life...
    beacuse i respected his will and let you get away from the island...
    did you, finally find a place to harbor yourself!?
    Robin: ... yes.
    Aokiji: whether or not saul's decision to let you live was correct...
    are you going to show me the answer?
    Robin: ... i intend to...
    Aokiji: ... then live yout life to the fullest, ohara hasn't fallen yet.

    Extract from OP chapter 433

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    i wonder how long it’ll take for you to realize i exist 

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    Some reasons why I love this fandom

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    You had no friends- Your wish was... 
    To someday be with a lot of friends.

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    I want a relationship that’s just like super cool friendship with like kissing

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    if im on tumblr more than usual that means i have a lot of stuff i need to be doing and im trying to avoid doing it

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  8. What is it like living with a One Piece fan, you ask?

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  11. how to be my friend on tumblr


    1. literally just fucking talk to me

    2. thats it

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    はちこ | X

    If only…

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    ok but seriously whos homer supposed to be hes the only one where i cant tell who he is

    zoro from one piece

    Dat lag from Zoro’s reaction, though. He’s lost again hahahahaha

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    never forget that we live in a world where Zoro and Mikasa appeared on the Simpsons